Embracing Wellness & Recovery

Psychiatric Services

Segue offers individual psychiatric services to consumers who are open to the Act and CSM programs. The service is also available for those who do not require more intensive services. These services are often referred to as “Meds Only”.

Segue psychiatrists diagnose, evaluate and prescribe treatment for mental illnesses. Segue psychiatrists treat the biological, psychological, and social components of mental illness simultaneously. They look into whether symptoms of the mental illness have physical causes, such as a hormone imbalance or reactions to medication, or whether psychological symptoms are contributing to physical conditions, such as heart problems and high blood pressure. Segue psychiatrists request diagnostic lab work and write prescriptions as needed. They coordinate care with the consumer’s primary care physician and other supports as needed. Side effects of the medications are reviewed and addressed when possible. In the event a consumer has a medication issue and the doctor is not in the office the assigned RN is able to conduct an RN Medication Review and consult with the physician for needed changes. The medical staff evaluates the consumer’s need for other services and makes recommendations as needed. Psychiatric Services are provided by an M.D. Nursing Medication Reviews are provided by RNs.

Admission Criteria:

  • Individual is 18 or older
  • Individual resides in Jackson or Hillsdale County
  • Individual has a Severe & Persistent Mental Illness, a Severe Mental Illness, or a Co-Occurring Disorder
  • Individual can manage medications and prescriptions without assistance
  • Individual can accurately report symptoms and side effects without assistance