Embracing Wellness & Recovery


Certified Peer Support Specialists (CPSS) is a practice targeted at adults with mental illness. Services are provided by “peers” who have formally received the Michigan required training and passed all of the requirements to becoming certified.

CPSS services provide individuals with opportunities to support, mentor and assist others to achieve community inclusion, participation, independence, recovery, resiliency and productivity. Peers are individuals who have a unique background and sill level in their experience in utilizing services to achieve their personal goals. Peers have a special ability to gain trust and respect of other consumers based on shared experience and perspectives with disabilities, and with planning and negotiating human service systems. Activities provided are done in partnership with other consumers for the specific purpose of achieving recovery goals.

The following are examples of services that can be provided by a CPSS:

  • The person-centered planning process;
  • Sharing stories of recovery;
  • Accessing entitlements;
  • Developing wellness plans;
  • Developing advance directives, and more.