About Segue

Celebrating 30 Years - Making a Difference.  Established 1984

Definition of “Segue”:  Webster’s Dictionary: (seg’wa) (Italian), to pass without break, an immediate transition to the next part (of your life)


The History of Segue, Inc.

In February of 1984 Judith A. Zarend, CEO, began her career in mental health when she was hired by Project Transition at Ypsilanti State Psychiatric Hospital (YRPH) via a contract with the Jackson-Hillsdale Community Mental Health Board, (JHCMHB) (now renamed LifeWays). She began establishing social recreational groups for individuals diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness who were being released back into the community from the state hospital. After a year of successful groups, the then Director of JHCMHB, James O’Brian, suggested that she start her own business and contract directly with them. Judi established a Doing Business As (DBA) advisory board, and they assisted her with her journey into the non-profit corporate world. Segue incorporated as a 501(c)3 on November 15, 1985.

In September of 1985, while still a DBA, Segue, Inc. established the Fairweather Lodge in Jackson with the assistance of YRPH and JHCMHB. This program consisted of transitioning long-term hospital patients back into the community, and training them to live and work together. These individuals resided in their own home. Segue staff would visit and assist them with problem solving and training for career opportunities. In 1986, these consumers formed their own successful company, Omni Janitorial Service.



Assertive Community Treatment

In September of 1986, there were not any outpatient programs providing intensive services that were designed to effectively treat adults diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness. Hospitalizations were frequent and considered the norm. With determination and perseverance, Segue became the proud parent of Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) in Jackson County called “IMPACT”. The success of the program became apparent when consumers began experiencing a reduction in crises and hospitalizations. The program grew to include three additional ACT teams, one of which was located in Hillsdale County and another devoted to persons involved in the criminal justice system. What started out as a 2-person office, grew to over 35 employees very quickly.


Segue Continues to Grow...

In 1988, EARS was established as a 24 hour crisis telephone line. Through this program trained professionals answered calls and was a “listening ear” for people who were experiencing distress or thoughts of suicide. Many lives were saved through prompt action and linking 911 services to the callers.
In 1990, Segue established the Drop-In Center in Jackson as a comfortable social-recreational center for consumers involved in mental health services. The consumers enjoyed activities and a place to go that fosters peer interaction, friendships, support and independence. The success of this program prompted the development of a sister Drop-In Center in Hillsdale County. With great pride, Segue turned over the program to the consumers on October 1, 2001. The Drop-In Centers are now consumer owned and operated with their own Board of Directors and their own contract with LifeWays CMH.


Behavioral Health Connections

LifeWaysIn 1995, Behavioral Health Connections (BHC) was established as an Access and Referral Center for persons seeking mental health treatment through the LifeWays Community Mental Health system. BHC added crisis intervention and crisis stabilization services and served the residents of Jackson and Hillsdale Counties, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Segue operated the access center from 1995 – 2005 with much success and collaboration with community partners resulting in a significant reduction in hospitalizations and a reduction in the numbers of suicides in Jackson and Hillsdale Counties.


Sister Company, Adagio is established

In 1997, Segue established a sister company called Adagio, and was awarded the RFP for the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program through a contract with LifeWays. Adagio provided a meaningful day for consumers living with a mental illness by offering work groups and teaching skills in areas of kitchen and food preparation, office work and customer service. Adagio offered a Supported Employment Program and successfully assisted consumers to obtain and maintain employment. The Supported Employment group established a cleaning company with several contracts in the community, thus allowing consumers to earn wages and meaning to their lives. Adagio provided the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services for LifeWays from 1997 – 2003.


Dreams - Case Management

In January 2006, Segue established a case management program for Jackson County, and later added Hillsdale County. The Dreams program provides comprehensive individualized treatment for persons with a severe mental illness. CSM provides community coordination to assist consumers with housing, basic needs, entitlements, transportation, and employment through comprehensive assessment, services planning, linkage and coordination.


Family Psycho-Education

In February 2007 Segue started the Family Psycho-Education (FPE) program which allows family and/or friends to become a partner in the treatment and recovery of consumers who are living with a mental illness. Education on mental illness, support, and coping skills are taught by counselors to members of the client’s support network with the aim of including the family in the recovery process. All of the families involved in the group help each other, develop a camaraderie, and share successes and ideas through problem solving sessions.


Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment (IDDT)

In March 2011, Segue became certified in IDDT, a treatment modality for people who have a dual diagnosis of major mental illness and substance abuse. IDDT is designated as a SAMHSA evidenced-based practice. Many people with mental illnesses are prone to abuse drugs and/or alcohol and the negative side-effects of these choices are greater for a person with mental illnesses. The goal of IDDT is to assist consumers with recovery and reduce the risk of increased symptoms of mental illnesses, incarceration, financial problems, homelessness, suicide, sexual and physical victimization, and increased medical risks. IDDT is offered through the ACT teams in both Jackson and Hillsdale Counties.


Medication Delivery Services (MDS)

In July 2013, Segue entered into a contract with Advanced Care Pharmacy to provide their medication delivery services to Jackson and Hillsdale County residents. The MDS program is a Community Living Support service that focuses on improving medication adherence through the delivery and observation of a client’s self-administration of his/her medication. This program assists clients in identifying and implementing strategies and skills to take their behavioral health medications as prescribed. This service is instrumental in overall mental health and daily functioning by improving the symptoms treated by medications. The overall goal is to teach consumers about the importance of their medications and give them tools to be successful on their own in the future.


A Leader in Mental Health

In January 2015, the founder and CEO of Segue, Judith Zarend, retired, and sadly shortly thereafter passed away. Segue is her legacy. Judi was instrumental in providing successful treatment services to many lives in Jackson and Hillsdale Counties, and employing many wonderful and passionate employees throughout the 30 years of doing business.


A New Administration

In January 2015, former Chief Operating Officer, Diane Reynolds was designated as the CEO of Segue by the Board of Directors. This appointment resulted in a smooth transition in leadership and business functions for this agency. Mike Thompson, Clinical Director, was then promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Both Diane and Mike are dedicated to lead Segue to be the best mental health agency in Jackson and Hillsdale counties.


Continued Growth

In December 2016, upon learning that another agency was closing their Outpatient Therapy program in Hillsdale, Segue acquired the program, and was determined to keep the doors open of such an important service for Hillsdale County adults and children. Currently with 4 therapist, Segue OPT Hillsdale is working on serving more insurance panels, including the VA in the future. In 2017, Segue added therapy to its Jackson office for adults.

Also this same year, LifeWays Community Mental Health asked Mike Thompson, COO to provide nursing home OBRA (Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) screenings and recommendations for the network. This is a Federal regulation that mandates that all individuals who are entering a Medicaid/Medicare funded nursing facilities must receive a comprehensive mental health assessment if they are identified as a person having a serious mental illness or intellectual disability.


A New Facility and Dreams for the Future

In June 2018, Segue of Jackson moved to the former McCulloch School and updates to facilities began, following Diane Reynolds’ vision to ensure Segue is a comfortable and welcoming environment for all. Diane’s dream was to provide consumers with the highest quality mental health services and a place for hope and community. Diane saw the potential in the former elementary school, with its large gym and stage and located in a more easily accessible area for consumers. In 2020, Diane Reynolds retired after 23 years of dedicated service and many hopes and dreams for Segue’s continued growth. On December 1st, Segue honored Diane by naming the new building the Diane M. Reynolds Recovery Center.

The Segue Board of Directors designated former Chief Operating Officer, Mike Thompson, as Segue’s CEO in December, 2020. Mike will lead an ever-resilient and dedicated staff to continue to improve services and provide the highest quality mental health services in Jackson and Hillsdale counties.

Diane Reynolds and Mike Thompson cut the ribbon at the new Jackson location

Hillsdale Location

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